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We wish to become your party

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Are you a citizen of the European Union and a formal resident in Spain? As you may already know, you have the right to vote in Spain at the upcoming European Parliament election in May 2014 (unless you have chosen to vote in your country of citizenship). The Individual Liberty Party (P-LIB) is Spain’s new classical liberal and libertarian political party. It is an observer member of the Liberal International, pending ratification at the Rotterdam congress next spring.

We are very much aware of the legitimate interests and concerns of foreign residents in Spain. Whether you came to live among us as an immigrant or as an expat, you share the same problems we Spaniards face: the problems caused by a gigantic state milking taxpayers and indebting us all and our children. We want for Europe the same as for Spain: less state and more freedom.

JOINING P-LIB. All foreigners who live in Spain are most welcome to join our party. We do have quite an international membership already. If you can read Spanish, please have a look at our general political platform and at the one adopted for this European Parliament election. You may wish to contact us so we can connect you to our local people in your area. Please do so by writing to us at You may write to us in any of Spain’s languages or in Romanian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch or German.

HELPING THE CAMPAIGN. Spanish electoral law is very tough. In fact, it is intended to preserve the interests of our larger parties by setting very strong entry barriers to new contenders. This time around we need 15,000 valid signatures of Spaniards and/or EU residents in order to run. If you share our views, or if you just wish for more political pluralism in Spain, please help us. Give us your own signature and collect as many as you can. If you read Spanish, have a look at the extensive and frequently updated information we provide. Otherwise, please contact us and we shall help you help us.

ROMANIAN    Îi rugăm pe cetățenii români rezidenți în Spania să clicheze aici

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